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Topic 1, Web-based Solution

You are developing a web-based solution that students and teachers can use to collaborate on written assignments. Teachers can also use the solution to detect potential plagiarism, and they can manage assignments and data by using locally accessible network shares.

Business Requirements
The solution consists of three parts: a website where students work on assignments and where teachers view and grade assignments, the plagiarism detection service, and a connector service to manage data by using a network share.

The system availability agreement states that operating hours are weekdays between midnight on Sunday and midnight on Friday.

Plagiarism Service
The plagiarism detection portion of the solution compares a new work against a repository of existing works. The initial dataset contains a large database of existing works. Teachers upload additional works. In addition, the service itself searches for other works and adds those works to the repository.

Technical Requirements

The website for the solution must run on an Azure web role.

Plagiarism Service
The plagiarism detection service runs on an Azure worker role. The computation uses a random number generator. Certain values can result in an infinite loop, so if a particular work item takes longer than one hour to process, other instances of the service must be able to process the work item. The Azure worker role must fully utilize all available CPU cores. Computation results are cached in local storage resources to reduce computation time.

Repository of Existing Works
The plagiarism detection service works by comparing student submissions against a repository of existing works by using a custom matching algorithm. The master copies of the works are stored in Azure blob storage. A daily process synchronizes files between blob storage and a file share on a virtual machine (VM). As part of this synchronization, the ExistingWorkRepository object adds the files to Azure Cache to improve the display performance of the website. If a student's submission is overdue, the Late property is set to the number of days that the work is overdue. Work files can be downloaded by using the Work action of the TeacherController object

Network Connector
Clients can interact with files that are stored on the VM by using a network share. The network permissions are configured in a startup task in the plagiarism detection service.

Service Monitoring
The CPU of the system on which the plagiarism detection service runs usually limits the plagiarism detection service. However, certain combinations of input can cause memory issues, which results in decreased performance. The average time for a given computation is 45 seconds. Unexpected results during computations might cause a memory dump. Memory dump files are stored in the Windows temporary folder on the VM that hosts the worker role.

Only valid users of the solution must be able to view content that users submit. Privacy regulations require that all content that users submit must be retained only in Azure Storage. All documents that students upload must be signed by using a certificate named DocCert that is installed in both the worker role and the web role.

Solution Development
You use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and the Azure emulator to develop and test both the compute component and the storage component. New versions of the solution must undergo testing by using production data.

During non-operating hours, the plagiarism detection service should not use more than 40 CPU cores. During operating hours, the plagiarism detection service should automatically scale when 500 work items are waiting to be processed. To facilitate maintenance of the system, no plagiarism detection work should occur during non-operating hours. All ASP.NET MVC actions must support files that are up to 2 GB in size.

Biographical Information
Biographical information about students and teachers is stored in a Microsoft Azure SQL database. All services run in the US West region. The plagiarism detection service runs on Extra Large instances.

Solution Structure
Relevant portions of the solution files are shown in the following code segments. Line numbers in the code segments are included for reference only and include a two-character prefix that denotes the specific file to which the line belongs.

You need to configure storage for the solution.
What should you do? To answer, drag the appropriate XML segments to the correct locations. Each XML segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.


You need to choose an Azure storage service solution. Which solution should you choose?
A. Queue storage
B. Blob storage
C. File storage
D. Table storage
Answer: C

You need to configure the virtual network.What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Configure a point-to-site virtual network.
B. Configure a site-to-site virtual network.
C. Configure a multi-site virtual network.
D. Configure a cloud-only virtual network.
Answer: A, B

You need to meet the performance and scalability requirements. Which SQL Database configuration should you use?
A. Use the S1 performance level for On-Peak mode.
B. Use the P2 performance level for On-Peak mode.
C. Use the S2 performance level for On-Peak mode.
D. Use the P1 performance level for On-Peak mode.
Answer: D

You need to debug the website remotely. Which three actions should you take? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. In the Azure management portal, configure a monitoring endpoint.
B. In the Azure management portal, set remote debugging to On and set the Visual Studio version to 2013.
C. Install the Azure SDK for .NET on the computer that runs Visual Studio.
D. In the web.config file for the website, set the debug attribute of the compilation element to true.
E. In the Azure management portal, set the web hosting plan to Standard.
Answer: B, C, D

You need to implement data storage for patient information. What should you do?
A. Use the Update Entity operation of the Table Service REST API.
B. Use the Put Blob operation of the Blob Service REST API.
C. Use the Put Message operation of the Create Queue REST API.
D. Use the Set Share Metadata operation of the File Service REST API.
Answer: A

You are deploying the web-based solution in the West Europe region. You need to copy the repository of existing works that the plagiarism detection service uses. You must achieve this goal by using the least amount of time. What should you do?
A. Copy the files from the source file share to a local hard disk. Ship the hard disk to the West Europe data center by using the Azure Import/Export service.
B. Create an Azure virtual network to connect to the West Europe region. Then use Robocopy to copy the files from the current region to the West Europe region.
C. Provide access to the blobs by using the Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN). Modify the plagiarism detection service so that the files from the repository are loaded from the CDN.
D. Use the Asynchronous Blob Copy API to copy the blobs from the source storage account to a storage account in the West Europe region.
Answer: D

The website does not receive alerts quickly enough. You need to resolve the issue. What should you do?
A. Enable automatic scaling for the website.
B. Manually Increase the instance count for the worker role.
C. Increase the amount of swap memory for the VM instance.
D. Set the monitoring level to Verbose for the worker role.
E. Enable automatic scaling for the worker role.
Answer: B

You need to configure role instances. Which size should you specify for the VM?
A. Use Small for Off-Peak mode.
B. Use Large for On-Peak mode.
C. Use Extra Large for On-Peak mode.
D. Use Extra Small for Off-Peak mode.
Answer: B

You need to move the VM. What should you do?
A. Use the Blob Service REST API
B. Use the Service Management REST API
C. Run the Azure PowerShell Convert-VHD cmdlet.
D. Run the Azure PowerShell New-AzureVMcmdlet
Answer: A

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