IBM POWER8 Scale-out V1 C9010-251 exam questions

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Share some IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist C9010-251 exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following is a standard feature of all Scale-out LC configuration?
A. 64 GB of Memory
B. One 1 TB SATA Disk Drive
C. One 4-port 1Gb Ethernet Adapter
D. Two Power Supplies
Answer: D

A customer wants to virtualize their storage environment and would like to use NPIV.
Where will storage multipathing take place?
A. Client LPAR
Answer: A

In the event of a disaster, a customer wants to automatically failover their Power System nodes that are running AIX. The customer will locate the servers in two data centers.
Which IBM product will satisfy the customer¡¯s requirement?
A. PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition
B. IBM Metro Mirror
C. Geographic Logical Volume Manager
D. IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
Answer: A

A customer would like a development Power S824L running PowerVM for tree three Linux partitions. Each partition needs redundant LAN and SAN adapters.
Which solution supports the minimum requirement?
A. Two 146GB disk drivers
Two 4-port LAN adapters
Two 4-port SAN adapters,
One VIO Server
B. Two 146GB disk drives
Two 4-port LAN adapters
Two 4-port SAN adapters
C. Six 146GB disk drives
Six 4-port LAN adapters
Six 4-port SAN adapters
D. Four 146GB disk drives
Four 4-port LAN adapters
Four 4-port SAN adapters
Two VIO Servers
Answer: A

What standard feature was added to the 4-core POWER8 S814 to improve the RAS capability when compared to a 4-core POWER7 720?
A. Alternate Processor Recovery
B. Chipkill Memory
C. PCIe Hot Plug Support
Answer: C

Which S822 storage feature is required for Easy Tier?
A. Eight SFF-3 bays I six 1 .8-inch SSD bays with Du IOA
B. Twelve SFF-3 bays with split backplane (6+6) with second integrated SAS controller
C. EXP24S SAS HOD/SSD Expansion Drawer with dual IOA
D. Twelve SFF-3 bays with one integrated SAS controller
Answer: C

A client would like to use Power servers to reliably manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data using the Hadoop open source framework. Which IBM offering will satisfy their requirement?
A. IBM Infosphere Clinical Analytics
B. IBM Infosphere Streams
C. IBM Infosphere Master Data Management
D. IBM Infosphere BigInsights
Answer: D

A customer wants to purchase a server for Hadoop solution with the lowest TCA.
Which of the following provides the lowest TCA for the requirement?
A. S822LC
B. S812LC
C. S812L
D. S822L
Answer: B

What is a benefit provided by the implementation of Shared Storage Pools as a disk storage solution?
A. Provides the capability to rapidly provision new storage LUNs to virtual clients.
B. Reduces the storage management tasks performed by the server system administrator.
C. Minimizes the role of the VIO Server aid uses it only as a pass though for virtual disk adapters.
D. Reduces the memory requirement in the VIO Server.
Answer: C

An AIX customer wants to be sure they can update their SAN multipath drivers with a minimal amount of time and impact on LPARs, while still being able to perform Live Partition Mobility operations.
Which disk connectivity technology supports these requirements?
Answer: B

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